Trey Davis is the founder of Mid-Continent Producer Services LLC. Since 1991, most of his career has been on the producer side of natural gas marketing. His tenure as a producer and a natural gas trader has provided him with the experience of moving and trading natural gas profitably for the independent producer. He has gained a wealth of knowledge for creating value in the organizations of which he has been a part. The relationships he has forged with pipeline personnel as well as numerous markets have afforded him the ability of negotiating favorable terms for producers.

Trey commenced his career in the natural gas marketing business in 1991 with Great Western Drilling Company which is a producer out of Midland, Texas as an oil and gas sales agent. He was then employed for five years as a natural gas supply representative with Tristar Gas Marketing Company out of Dallas, Texas moving and trading gas in the independent producer’s stead. His natural gas marketing career then lead him back into the producer’s seat for over a decade marketing natural gas production and all that that entails, for Elm Ridge Exploration company out of Dallas, Texas.