A Brief History

The natural gas marketing business is a product of the nationwide natural gas deliverability surplus of the early 1980’s and the subsequent deregulation of the interstate natural gas system. In 1992, natural gas marketing was deregulated with the implementation of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 636. Since that time, the industry has evolved into a complex, highly technical industry dominated by several large corporate conglomerates. As a result, the marketing of natural gas has become an arduous task for the independent producer. Recent gas industry trends have made it difficult for independent oil and gas producers to administer the increasingly complex and costly natural gas transaction process now inherent in the industry. Many producers lack adequate personnel for optimizing their marketing efforts. In some cases the president, owner, or some other employee whose primary function does not entail marketing their production is strapped with the responsibility of moving their production to market. Thus the core objective of the company suffers. In an effort to reduce overhead costs while improving efficiency, oil and gas producers are following the example of companies in other industries who utilize outside entities which provide a cost effective service, i.e. Paychex and commercial (payroll) and EDI (software) to name a few.

Mid-Continent Producer Services is such an entity. We are a natural gas marketing firm creating value for the independent producer.