Randolph Risk Management

  • Founded in 1988
  • Operated by Peyton Feltus
  • Randolph Risk Management’s current and former clients are companies such as US Gypsum Company, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Public Service of New Mexico, XTO Energy, Yates Petroleum, and Rosewood Resources
  • A trusted source for The Dallas Morning News, Business Week, and Bloomberg Energy News

About Peyton

“As a friend of Peyton’s for over two decades, I can attest to his endearing character. He has always demonstrated ethics, virtue and integrity that are unimpeachable. You simply will not find a more adept risk management consultant in the industry. His ingenuity at safeguarding your business against downturns in the energy market will surprise you.” — Trey Davis

A native of Natchez, Mississippi, Peyton’s involvement in commodity price risk began with his family, which has been involved in agricultural production since 1820 and energy since 1972.

After graduation in 1977 from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Peyton returned to Natchez to be part of the family businesses. His favorite duty was assisting in making marketing and forward contract decisions.

In 1985 Peyton was invited by Bear Sterns to move to Dallas and be part of a group of agricultural and energy veterans providing hedge services to the firm’s clients. Peyton left Bear Sterns in 1988 to found Randolph Risk Management.

Peyton is a frequently quoted source for The Dallas Morning News and has been quoted in Business Week as well as Bloomberg Energy News. He appeared on Tom Brokaw’s Nightly News and is a frequent speaker at energy industry gatherings.