Following is a list of responsibilities MCPS provides to its clientele

Gas Control

  1. Move 100% of the producer’s production to market.
  2. Make nominations to pipelines, gatherers/transporters, and operators.
  3. Confirm nominations to transporters/pipelines and for markets/shippers.
  4. Schedule total lease level volumes of all operated and non-operated properties.
  5. Monitor and maintain gas balancing positions on operated and non-operated properties.
  6. Manage imbalances for the highest value available.

Marketing Functions

  1. Provide short or long term gas marketing arrangements.
  2. Perform gas contract administration.
  3. Procure price discovery for the most optimum price for the producer client’s production using 10 years of historical pricing data in the San Juan basin.

Administrative Functions

  1. Prepare pipeline monthly gas allocation reports.
  2. Prepare monthly gas balancing statements and reports. Conduct gas balancing reconciliations.